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Award Redemption Help with new UA award rules on LH in F

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by n2bspdl, Oct 12, 2016.

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    @n2bspdl I apologize for giving some bad info. I looked at 2 of my reservations that I'd made changes to and this date at the top was the original date even tho changes were subsequently made. Checking into some other ones the issue date was not the original, but the date of the most recent change. Apparently it depends on the agent and what they have to do to make the change. Changing routine most likely causes a re-issue.

    However the premise still stands. There is a date that the ticket originated and that starts the clock for the 1 year you must use the ticket. You can find that date by going to your UA account online and "manage" your reservations. It shows the original date.

    This should be the date that fees are based on.

    But if they insist the fees are based on the last issue date it brings up an interesting point. Let's say you are a gold member and have made a reservation for next summer. With the old rules you can make a change of date and time for no charge with the same routing. If you want to cancel the ticket it is $100.

    So next spring you decide you don't want the trip, it's more than 60 days out. A straight out cancel costs $100. But you can make a change at no charge. You do so and they re-issue the ticket. Then they say now you are under the new fees. If so you can cancel the trip under the new fees for $25, meaning you've saved $75. Even if you paid a $25 change fee to force a re-issue you still saved $50.

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