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Iberia tickets for son and spouse

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by excelsior, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. excelsior

    excelsior Reader

    Hello experts!
    I used my Avios and credit card to obtain Iberia business class tickets for two family members Chicago to Madrid. I read somewhere that Iberia requires the credit card used at the time of redemption during check in at the gate or else they will not allow boarding. Is this true? And if so, how does one get around that. To complicate matters, I have since cancelled that credit card. Tickets were secured in June.
  2. Ben Holz

    Ben Holz Member

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    Hey excelsior,
    I've flown IB intra-Europe multiple times (both paid by my company and myself) and I have never been asked for any credit card information of any sort. I suspect that will also be the case on TATL flights, though someone else can chime in to confirm. I wouldn't be worried about it
  3. MidSouth Skier

    MidSouth Skier Well-Known Member

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    I agree with @Ben Holz - I just flew IB last month and was not asked for the card I used to pay the taxes & fees.
  4. Yukon

    Yukon Member

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    I've given award tickets to others using American, United-and never had any of my family or friends need my credit card! Hopefully this is all ridiculous overkill. However...
    I have a similar situation. I called Iberia and they said they could require my credit card (the account holder)-and in lieu of the card they would require a certified letter from the credit card company stating that the $ used for the award tickets was with a credit card in my name. Called AMEX and they refused to give a certified letter but will provide documentation with their letter head and suggest I attach a notarized letter stating the account are mine and I used my credit card and my Avios to procure tickets for the ticket holders. AMEX rep said they have received calls with kids/grandkids at Iberia ticket counter without the account holder that were denied boarding, and as it was last minute AMEX could not help them. YMMV.