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Industry News / Opinions Information from Yakutia Airlines

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Mark Dudley, May 14, 2020.

  1. Mark Dudley

    Mark Dudley Reader

    Greetings, Ben
    I just read your article about the seasonal Yakutia Airlines flights on the Anchorage-Kamchatka-Yakutsk routing. Our company, Interpacific Aviation and Marketing, Inc./AirRussia.US represents the airline in the US and manages service on this end. Here is some additional information that you and your readers may find useful:
    -We have lots of information about the flights (schedule, fares, tour info, advice for travelers, Russian visas, traveler interviews, blog, etc.) on our website at We have a monthly newsletter about the service and travel to Eastern Russia; one subscribe on our homepage or just send us an email: [email protected].
    -The lowest US-origin round-trip fare is $1200 (plus tax); it may not have come up in your search because it requires a longer minimum stay.
    -Yakutia Airlines has been serving this route since 2012 (and we worked with Vladivostok Air to
    serve the route before that)
    -The route is very popular with fly-fishermen from all over North America who travel to Kamchatka to experience the best rainbow trout fishing in the world (even Alaskans say it's amazing); in addition, we see a significant number of adventure travelers (individual and with organized groups), scientists (geologists, fisheries scientists), Alaskans visiting friends, and Russians and Americans of Russian heritage traveling back and forth to visit relatives.
    -Kamchatka is indeed an adventure traveler's paradise, as some of your readers comment; it's like Eurasia's Alaska, but with little infrastructure and without the 100 years of branding (it's only been open for travel since the 1990's). It's known for its geysers (Geyser Valley), volcanoes (30 active, 300 dormant), hot springs, wildlife (bears, stellar sea eagles, among others), beautiful landscapes, native peoples, great trekking, kayaking, heliskiing.
    -We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation, and are well aware of the restrictions currently in place, however the first scheduled flight is not for two months and there is still time for us to see improvement operate the service.
    Thank you for your fine article.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the service or travel to Kamchatka.
    Very best regards,
    Mark Dudley
    Regional Director / InterPacfic Aviation and Marketing
    Mobile: 206-443-1614
    Email: [email protected]
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