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Reader Reviews: Trips & Tips Interjet: A huge surprise

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Adi, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Adi

    Adi New Member

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    Hi all,

    Just returned from a trip to Mexico. Bought tickets on Interjet as they were significantly cheaper, and was HUGELY surprised. (For the record, I don't work for them, don't own shares, or have any other conflicts of interest). They bill themselves as a budget airline but offer significantly superior service to any other airline to/from Mexico. For e.g.:
    --> Massive (34 inches) of legroom throughout the cabin (obviously exit rows have even more).
    --> Excellent service (on 4 hour flights, free sandwich, snacks, and beverages including alcohol)
    --> Super friendly crew (I saw them help passengers putting their bags into the overhead bins).
    --> Modern planes including not only A321s and 320s but also NEO versions of each. There's also a nose camera (phenomenal resolution on the A320NEO) that's neat.

    The one major negative is no wifi available.

    The closest comparison I could make is with JetBlue.

    Has anyone else flown Interjet? I'd be curious as to how generalizable my experience was...

    Oh, and happy New Year, everyone!
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  2. Rob in Miami

    Rob in Miami Active Member

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    Yes! Agreed. CUN - MEX was a perfect flight. Great price and service. Very well managed airline (it seems).