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Inflight Experience / Seating KLM New World Biz Class on B787 vs Austrian business class

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by SeattleTodd, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. SeattleTodd

    SeattleTodd Member

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    We'll be flying from Vienna to Seattle next September and I had long been hoping to fly Austrian business class VIE-LAX and then LAX-SEA on AA or AS. But then along came Premium Economy and the disappearance of Austrian's business class awards just days before my date was to become bookable. Grrrrr.....

    So I've been checking daily for the reappearance of Austrian business class awards. Still no luck after more than a month. In the meantime, I've got the option to fly VIE-AMS-SLC-SEA, with VIE-AMS-SLC in KLM business class (AMS-SLC in new World Business Class on the B787) and SLC-SEA on Delta.

    The big question is: should I just go with this KLM/Delta itinerary and call it done, or should I keep waiting and hoping for award availability on Austrian?

    Other considerations: The KLM flight from VIE-AMS wouldn't depart VIE until 2:15pm; the Austrian flight from VIE-LAX departs at 10am. So the KLM option would let us have a leisurely final day with breakfast and some final sightseeing; the Austrian option would mean getting up early and heading right to the airport.

    Also, the KLM/Delta flights would involve an additional segment, but actually 90 minutes less of total door-to-door travel time.

    What would you advise? KLM new World Business Class on the B787, or keep holding out hope for Austrian business class VIE-LAX (or possibly VIE-ORD I suppose) with a final connection to SEA?

    Thanks so much!
  2. No Name

    No Name Well-Known Member

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    Better catering
    No Euro-J, direct long haul flight to the US.
    Only throne plus D and G seats have direct aisle access.

    Leaves latter.
    Shorter travel time
    1-2-1 seating.
    Euro-J to AMS, but at least KLM has more leg room in their Euro-J than other EU carriers.
    Catering not as good as Austrian?

    Had you been a single traveler going the other way, the choice would be obvious: KLM with 1-2-1 seats. But since you are 2 persons going west on day flight trying to get good seats on Austrian is less of a problem.

    Personally I would take the KLM option since the 10am departure on Austrian would mean having to be at the airport at 8am in my opinion, taking into effect morning rush in the airport with longer lines even for the premium passengers plus a fudge factor for any new security checks for US flights that might be added between now and your planned flight.

    In general VIE should be far less rushed on a 2.15 pm departure, and you should get into AMS before the afternoon rush real kicks off in full swing.

    But I'm biased since I hate rushing breakfast to catch a flight, and then there is the whole better with a bird in hand thing since the Austrian space might never open up.

    Do you have enough miles/points that you can book the KLM/Delta award and still have enough left to book Austrian if it should open up? Or do you have to chose now?
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  3. SeattleTodd

    SeattleTodd Member

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    Thanks @No Name . You summarized it really well.

    We do have enough miles/points to book KLM/Delta now and still be able to book Austrian should it come up. We've booked the KLM flights on with Alaska MileagePlan so we could even redeposit with no penalty until 60 days before; downside to this option is that we also need to purchase the SLC-SEA flight on Delta, but we'd have to purchase and AA/AS flight LAX-SEA if we get the Austrian flight in the end.

    This was my plan -- hold the KLM award but keep waiting -- but I though if y'all said KLM is the better option anyway, I wouldn't have to keep waiting and stressing about the Austrian flight, and I could purchase the Delta SLC-SEA now while it's probably still as cheap as it will ever be.

  4. Lucky

    Lucky One Mile At A Time

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    I think No Name's advice is excellent. Personally I'd probably just book KLM and call it a day, so you don't have the stress of constantly looking. KLM's business class soft product is excellent, and the 787 seat is great, so in many ways it may just be an all around better option. So given that I find the options to be roughly comparable, I'd just call it a day.
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