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Lost Money Between Chase & Airline

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Daniel M., Nov 9, 2020.

  1. Daniel M.

    Daniel M. Reader

    I had a flight with Air Europa cancelled in March 2020. There was no option to request a refund. I called, and was told to submit my email to a customer service address. I received no automatic reply or confirmation regarding my request. After 2 months, I initiated a dispute with Chase. Chase refunded me the money while they investigated. After 1 month, they denied my dispute and re-billed me. They told me it was not their job to enforce EU laws requiring refunds and that a voucher was enough. I needed to get my refund from Air Europa. Since then, I have had dozens of calls with Air Europa and the Chase dispute department. Air Europa says their records show my dispute was successful, and they have no record of Chase sending the money back to them. Chase dispute department says they would have sent a resolution letter and the money, and Air Europa needs to talk to their bank. I suspect Air Europa is playing games/lying, but Chase refuses to help me. They refuse to take the extra step of providing me any confirmation details about their payment to Air Europa so I can force Air Europa to find the money. They refuse for anyone to contact Air Europa and sort this out. What can I do? Who can I elevate this with so Chase finally gives a crap and provides me additional customer service to fix this?