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Lufthansa Miles and More Points Award

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Steve Szirmai, May 7, 2019.

  1. Steve Szirmai

    Steve Szirmai New Member

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    I used a LH M&M points award to book a round trip flight SEA-BUD in 2016 with my Dad. He had a heart issue, so we asked LH to allow postponement of the tix, which was kindly granted by LH. I was told at the time my ticket would not expire (as points were taken and I paid the ~$600 EU taxes for the award).
    I haven't had the opportunity to use the ticket until now. LH M&M tells me the record still exists, but I need to talk to LH Customer Relations in the US (only available via email - no phone) to determine how to use it. I sent them an email, now 2 weeks ago.
    I received an automated response the following Monday (now 2 weeks ago), but have not received any formal response, despite 6 x emails following up.
    I posted on Facebook expressing my disappointment, to which I received an immediate response, saying they were working on it and I would hear back (Sunday the 5th of May). Since then, again, nothing - no contact, no canned response, nothing.
    I also responded to the LH FB response in German (I speak it fluently) asking whether I needed to address the LH Vorstand to get a response, to which I received a response saying no need, they were working on it.
    At this point, a response is definitely in order from LH. At this point, my preference is to get the miles credited back and my $600 EU taxes back, but a flight is fine.
    Any thoughts on how to provoke a faster response? Any response???
    Steve Szirmai
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    I think you've done all you can. Can't think of any other methods of contacting them. I imagine most don't call in trying to look back 3 years ago, so probably just best to be patient and stay on it.