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Award Redemption Married Segment issue booking AA award with EY Miles

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Tommy, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Tommy

    Tommy New Member

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    I’m trying to book a Business Class award on AA (SNN-PHL-JAX) using Etihad Guest miles. When initially calling Etihad and having them search for SNN-JAX, they see availability for both flights and start to book the reservation. Unfortunately, after giving them passenger information and confirming the price in miles, they’re telling me that the SNN-PHL segment “is coming back unconfirmed.” I realized that it’s a married segment issue (SNN-PHL is not available on U by itself).

    I hung up and haven’t gotten a chance to call back yet, but figured I couldn’t be the first person to run into the issue with EY has trouble booking an AA award when married segments come into play. Has anybody run into this? The agent is initially doing the search for SNN-JAX and says that they see availability, but I’m not sure what changes with their system later trying to pull inventory for each segment independently.