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Award Redemption Marriott-airline point redemption delay

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jdf, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Jdf

    Jdf Reader

    I called Marriott because my transfer of points into Korean Air hadn't shown up. They said because of the merger it's taking 4-6 weeks for miles to post; have you heard/experienced this?
  2. SQflyer

    SQflyer New Member

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    I've been waiting for 15 days now, transferred SPG/Marriott points to ANA. Not sure if they are going to arrive on time as I see availability going out the window as we speak...
  3. Bill M

    Bill M New Member

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    Over two weeks ago, I transferred 39k Marriott points to Avianca LifeMiles and 9k to Virgin Atlantic; neither transfer has posted in the respective airline accounts. One week ago I spoke to Marriott who "issued a work order" and nothing has happened. I sent an email 2 days ago and never received a reply. I called again today, was on hold for 1 hour, was disconnected, called back again for another 1 hour hold, and then spoke with a Marriott representative who said that since Avianca was only an SPG transfer partner, Marriott does not have a liaison with the airline, and therefore I would need to speak to their SPG team. They transferred me to an SPG representative who couldn't help, and who then bumped me to a supervisor. The supervisor was completely disinterested, repeated a verbatim script about 4-6 weeks for transfers, and offered me a measly 5k Marriott rewards for my trouble. As a result of the delay, I've lost the opportunity at Avianca that I needed the points for--and it's completely due to the the merger debacle at Marriott. I told the supervisor that the intent of points transfers is to transfer the points when you need them--and the delay from Marriott renders that impossible. I then asked if they could, at least, return the points to Marriott since, because of THEIR delay, the points are no longer needed at Avianca. The supervisor said this was impossible. I'm really pissed and don't know who to escalate this to--it would be great if Ben or Tiffany could take this up with some of their contacts. I'm sure this is happening to quite a few of their readers.