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Marriott Rewards Platinum old welcome gift rewards points

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Gregory S., Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Gregory S.

    Gregory S. New Member

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    What are the old Marriott Rewards Platinum and Gold (pre-merger) welcome gift points for Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, Townplace Suites and Courtyard? I am trying to achieve lifetime platinum premier under the old Marriott program. I have been Platinum for 3+ years in the old program (Platinum Premier Plus now). I find that I have only been given 50% bonus points for the last 2+ years instead of 75% which I believe I am owed (treated like Gold instead of Platinum). In addition, I have been given 200 welcome gift points for Residence, Fairfield Inn and Townplace Suites and 400 points for Courtyard. Seems like the welcome points should be higher for old Platinum.

    If these are errors, Marriott owes me over 25,000 bonus points and 18,000 welcome gift points for the last two years of listed activity (and more going back further). Am I wrong somehow about old bonus point and welcome gift points?

    I need 235,000 points to the end of the year for LTPP and have a path to get there. These points will make a difference.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Looking back to my account from 2016, it seems to have been only 200 points for old Platinum members (I was Platinum under the old Marriott program then).

    It was also 50% bonus on base points.

    I can't find anything in writing from old posts, but I want to say it was 10% bonus (Silver), 25% bonus (Gold), 50% bonus (Platinum).

    Someone else may remember better or be able to find something in writing.

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