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  1. Mikewarren1000

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    It seems like the general consensus is Mint is #1 for Premium cabin lax/jfk. I just flew it for the first time and i was trying to rank the 4 options and i got as far as

    4. DELTA (sucks !!!!!!!!!!!) Joke of a premium service for that route

    Every travel blog i have read puts Jet Blue 1 or maybe AA.

    Is that the general consensus on here amongst you all you have experienced all 4?

    In considering United its only fair to consider the 787-10 daily flight otherwise its not a fair comparison. With that flight being the one considered i just cant break the 3 way tie..

    AA for the intimate 1-1 cabin and Flagship Lounge access
    United for my fav plane in the world (and slightly better food than American)
    Jet Blue for the nicest service, best food and the enclosed suite.

    Bothering my OCD that i cant come up with an order.. May sound silly but having to eat all 3 courses at once bothers me i like having it coursed out. I guess also No lounge with Jet blue blows although i used United pass and then took the tunnel system to T5. Also, and possibly most important is NO sundae cart lol Thats a huge thing for me and both AA and UA have it

    Just curious does everyone for the most part agree with the bloggers who seem to all put Jet blue number 1?
  2. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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    It almost always seems that jetBlue Mint is the most consistent when it comes to on board service. Crew is generally nice, welcoming, proud of their product and makes you feel like a guest. AA/UA/DL is consistently inconsistent and you almost never know what to expect with the crew.
  3. Mikewarren1000

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    I agree on their consistency but its just weird its Jet Blue. But ya they do a really good job. Wish they had a darn sundae cart but cant really gripe about much else. No lounge. Thats about it