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Hotels MX Bonvoy hotel update

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Bobby D, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Bobby D

    Bobby D New Member

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    Hi guys!

    In September I spent my second stay at the Sheraton Grande Hacienda in Cabo
    BTW, the service was stellar. Think peninsula

    I really wanted to get away again, could not find availability. starting this week

    I called the US Bonvoy res number and the agent, super nice, knew right away. She said she had a list of properties in MX closing due to Covid/low occupancy

    I was in Cabo 9/9-9/14. Impeccably maintained. Fantastic upgrade as a gold. But only 20% occupancy. Ironically, my AA flight DFW-SJD had 7 involuntary denied boardings

    ive now booked the Marriott resort at Puerto Vallarta arriving this Saturday. $213 a night, king ocean and all inclusive. I had a credit in UA, so I booked F r/t TUS-IAH-PVR-SFO-TUS I$880 and I had a credit that covered the whole flight

    My expectations are lower, older property, no grand beach but it was too good to pass up all inclusive. I think they let you do whatever for bfast/lunch/snacks. Dinner you can have 3 courses.

    all inclusive is new to me. The did send me all the menus, but the exceptions for all inclusive not showing but it looks like things like salmon, Mahi mahi, shrimp, some steaks, salmon all ok.

    back on topic, it was a deal for 6 nts/5days. I’m meeting friends who live there one evening for an offsite dinner

    I have Celiac some I’m happy with a grilled protein, starch, veg fruit

    have you anymore information on Bonvoy properties closing?

    advice on all inclusive when it’s not the whole property. BTW, no reduction for single traveller. I did ask if I could invite a fellow guest for dinner being I’m paying for 2 but no reply

    Sorry for being long winded