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Need Advice on difficult travel problem

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Donald Smith, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Donald Smith

    Donald Smith Reader

    Sorry, long and convoluted story; Booked trip through agency to Egypt last November for September of this year. Purchased insurance same day. United code share, Chicago to Vienna/Cairo(Austrian) and Cairo/Zurich/Chicago(Swiss) back. Swiss canceled return in March, substituted Lufthansa. Included Nile cruise canceled by government in May, no adequate info on resumption of cruise by September. Travel agency would substitute land tour instead. Earlier this month Egypt has a 72 hour negative Covid test for entry. No problem. Last week they change to 48 hour negative test, which is impossible. Called agency to cancel, called insurance company, told they would not cover a cancellation even though purchased pre-Covid. Travel agency says we can cancel and take a credit. OK. Agency calls yesterday stating they can not cancel/ask for credit for air fare, that WE must request. Given a number at United to call, told the reservation was transferred to Swiss in March, so called Swiss, told to call corporate in Switzerland. And now was told Egypt has gone back to the 72 hour negative Covid test as of Friday. Any advice on how to get our money back or credited in light of the fact no one wants to take responsibility. Travel agency will NOT refund our money.