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Need Help to book tickets with miles and points

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Dharmvir Gehlaut, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Dear One Mile at a Time Team
    I am seeking some help or guidance to book tickets using miles and points.

    I would like to book two separate trips during the month of July and August. One to Sydney, Australia in August and one trip to Switzerland, London and Italy in July.

    I have have following miles;
    United Airlines: 480000 miles
    American Airlines: 450000 Miles
    Delta Airlines: 460000 miles
    Arrival Plus Barclaycard: 110000 points

    I would like to use the best possible options for my miles and points to get a first class ticket to Europe and Economy to Sydney.

    Thank you
    Dharmvir Gehlaut
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi Dharmvir, where are you departing from?

    Also, are you looking for advice or actually a booking service? We can give advice here, but is the link/info for more official help.
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  3. Clem

    Clem Active Member

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    Without getting into the details, given your points balances, you should have no issues finding options especially if traveling by yourself. As a starter I suggest you simply use United, American, and Delta websites to find out availability and costs for the dates and destinations that you want. It should give you a good overview of your options.

    Like @rickyw suggested though, if you need proper assistance and someone to do the bookings for you, you should head to .

    As a side note, keep in mind that Europe and Australia still have very strict entry requirements if you aren't a permanent resident or citizen of those areas, and we have no idea if those will be lifted by July/August.
  4. OCTinPHL

    OCTinPHL Well-Known Member

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    I’d second @rickyw’s question - from where are you flying?

    And me personally - I’d try to fly in the best possible class of service to Sydney and rough it in economy to Europe, especially flying from the East Coast. I guess the analysis may change when flying from the West Coast.
  5. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    United has a crazy amount of saver level Polaris space available on a wide range of flights throughout their schedule right now. Even without knowing where you are departing from, it's almost a guarantee you can get to Europe comfortably right now on United points.