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Award Redemption Need help with AA award ticket schedule change. Used Iberia 90K promo miles.

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Buddy M., Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Buddy M.

    Buddy M. New Member

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    Hi, I used my Iberia 90K+(more from transferred British avios) promo miles to book 2 RT tickets for my brother and his wife to ATL-LAX-LIH. There has been a schedule change by American to have them leave 7 hours earlier from LIH and making a long layover at LAX. I called up American's customer service and the woman I talked to tried to help but said because it was booked through a travel agency(it wasn't) and was on Iberia's ticket stock so that only they can change it. I tried to tell them that it was a promo deal and that no changes were allowed but the rep said that she called her help desk and that they couldn't make the change even though it was their schedule change. Is it even worth it to call up Iberia and see it they can fix it? There is no longer saver level availability that would result in a better schedule but American was going to make a change to a better schedule before deciding that they couldn't make any changes. Please advise.