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Credit Cards No Fee Chase Sapphire - Keep or Change?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Chase Holder, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Chase Holder

    Chase Holder Reader

    I currently have the CSR and the No Fee Sapphire.
    Looking into getting one of the Freedom cards. Should I change the Sapphire card to the Freedom or should I just apply for a new card. Three reasons I think of keeping the Sapphire.
    1. To maintain the age of the account, since it cost the same to change or get new card.
    2. To have two Sapphire cards, as currently Chase only allows one card in the family. (Might be useful in the future to have two Sapphire Cards?)
    3. I get the measly $150 bonus for a new card

    Currently at 2/24 and looking to get a Freedom now and one of the Ink later for trifecta. (Not now as Spending might be an issue, saving it for IHG) Got the latest Chase card 60+ days ago. Also thinking of getting in the 100k IHG before 10/4 deadline.