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Destinations / Itineraries OneWorld Bookings

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by OfTheWorld, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. OfTheWorld

    OfTheWorld Reader

    Hi Lucky, The blog just keeeps getting better and better... and I think that all of the people who complain should instead just send you kudos for your amazing work, and for your recent jouyous occasion! Congrats!! So here's the question: With the recent absurdly "sky-high" Business fares on AA and OneWorld (I'm EP on AA like you), I'm having to turn possibly towards a bit towards the right and do Premium Economy on some upcoming flights (primarily to LON) during the next 60 days. When you've been flying on "reasonable" fares, I've noticed that you've often chosen to buy the tix on BA/IB/FA, etc., to get better EQM's and EQD's. So can you kindly offer your thoughts on this, as to the advantages of buying the tix on BA or IB or FA ticket stock (versus on AA) when the exact same itinerary is available on all four sites for the same very good price (around $1250 RT). Thank you so much!!
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi there -

    With premium economy, it depends mainly on where you are at with EQDs. Taking your situation for example, a flight to London from say, New York, is 3,450 flown miles (ish).

    Booking on AA/BA/IB/FA, you'd earn 5,175 EQMs, because they all award 1.5 EQMs for Premium Economy.

    The biggest difference is EQDs. On AA, those are awarded based on the cost of the ticket. So, let's say that $1,250 ticket is $1,000 base fare plus $250 in taxes. So, on AA you'd earn 1,000 EQDs. But on BA/IB/FA, you'd earn EQDs at 20% of the distance flown. In this case, 690. So, you're way better off booking direct through American.

    Just have to do the math!
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  3. OfTheWorld

    OfTheWorld New Member

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    Thanks RickyW. Very helpful points!
    Regards, OfTheWorld
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