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Credit Cards Paying taxes towards Hilton Aspire minimum spend cont.

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jade, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. Jade

    Jade Reader

    This is the log from the last text chat--


    Hi Jade, how can I help you today?

    Virtual Assistant - 6:04 PM

    Hi. It has been 4 billing statements since I met minimum spend for my Hilton Aspire card ending in -21002. I still have not received my bonus. Can you deposit what I am due today? This has been the most frustrating experience in all my time dealing with AMEX.

    You - 6:04 PM

    Amber has joined the conversation

    Hello Jada. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

    Amber - 6:05 PM

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    Amber - 6:05 PM

    I'll be glad to check your account and quickly help

    Amber - 6:05 PM

    you with the details regarding the same.

    Amber - 6:05 PM

    May I know the last 5 digits of the card which you are referring to?

    Amber - 6:05 PM


    You - 6:06 PM

    Thank you

    Amber - 6:06 PM

    Please allow me a quick moment, while I review the account for you.

    Amber - 6:06 PM


    You - 6:06 PM

    Thank you for waiting.

    Amber - 6:09 PM

    I've reviewed the account for you and the investigation we raised for your bonus offer has been closed now.

    Amber - 6:10 PM

    It has been found that, you made the payment for “US TREASURY TAX PAYMENT” which is ineligible charges.

    Amber - 6:10 PM

    As a result the spending threshold was not met for the offer.

    Amber - 6:10 PM

    Where does it say in the T&Cs that taxes cannot be paid towards the bonus?

    You - 6:11 PM

    I'm sorry but paying for tax payment is not an eligible charge.

    Amber - 6:11 PM

    Also, I've been contacting you all for the past few months as you can see in my transcript. Why didn't anyone tell me this sooner?

    You - 6:12 PM

    I spend on this card daily and would have met the min spend regardless had I know it didn't count. T&C language please?

    You - 6:12 PM

    Also, whom can I contact to discuss this matter? The transcript clearly shows I've been trying to get to the bottom of this and if it were truly in the T&Cs then someone should have raised the issue sooner and said that spend was not met.

    You - 6:15 PM

    We really regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    Amber - 6:15 PM

    You'll give me my due if you truly regret it.

    You - 6:16 PM

    I can understand your concern on this, as I'm also a card member at the end.

    Amber - 6:16 PM

    May I know who would you like to talk to?

    Amber - 6:17 PM

    I need to speak with someone who regrets the trouble AMEX has caused me and who will Honor my minimum spend and give me my bonus. I never expected this from AMEX. Wow wow. How about the recon line so someone can talk me out of canceling all of my AMEX cards?

    You - 6:19 PM

    Unfortunately, the result came up after we investigated this case on your behalf.

    Amber - 6:20 PM

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Amber - 6:20 PM

    If you wish I can transfer this chat to my supervisor, if you wish to have word with him.

    Amber - 6:21 PM

    Shall I?

    Amber - 6:21 PM

    Actually, an agent stated some T&Cs in this chat months ago, so I know you all have access to them. Does your manager have the authority to deposit points? If not, then recon line please.

    You - 6:22 PM

    Unfortunately, we do not have access to the manually deposit the points.

    Amber - 6:23 PM

    Though, We do have a dedicated Membership Consulting professional team who can better assist you with it.

    Amber - 6:23 PM

    We really regret that you are looking to close the card.

    Amber - 6:24 PM

    The retention team can look up if they can offer some goodwill points.

    Amber - 6:24 PM

    Shall I help you with the direct number?

    Amber - 6:24 PM

    Yes please

    You - 6:24 PM

    We’d love to keep doing business with you.

    Please call us at 866-376-4552 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST so we can discuss your options.

    Amber - 6:24 PM

    Please note down the number before you end the conversation

    Amber - 6:25 PM

    I'm already dialing in. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful evening.