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Reader Reviews: Trips & Tips Priority Pass experience at IAD

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by GBOAC, Aug 9, 2017.

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    This is more of a positive comment rather than a question. A few days ago we were traveling back home from IAD to SFO. We were dropped at the airport over 4 hours before our flight so after checking in with Virgin America we headed to the Turkish Air Lounge (located not too far from our gate). The Turkish lounge is the only Priority Pass lounge available at IAD at any time for cardholders. Lucky recently reviewed the lounge and his review was spot except for some crowding in our case

    We were greeted by a very friendly and efficient agent who quickly checked us in and pointed out that the lounge was somewhat crowded and that we should head back to the bar area. Yes the lounge was pretty full but much of that was due to some guests who were spread out on the benches. There was a wide mix of guests and I suspect that many of them were Priority members flying on other (domestic) airlines. However the lounge emptied noticeably with 30 minutes after we arrived.

    The lounge had a small but nice selection of tasty hot and cold dishes -- yummy stewed chicken. The staff appeared to be quite attentive.

    We spent close to three hours in the lounge and on the whole I was rather pleased with our experience and quite happy that I could use my Priority Pass card.
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