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Qatar upgrades from business to first

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by kaisaris tilemachos, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. I know that Qatar airways do not upgrade any more from business to first, using the Qmiles, all A380 flights bound to London Heathrow, but it seems that they same occur for other flights too.

    I am traveling tomorrow on business class (R ticket) from Guangzhou to Doha and I have over the 34,000 Qmiles needed for the upgrade from business to first on their A380.
    According their Calculator you must have a business class (R) ticket and 34,000 miles to make this one leg upgrade.

    However seats are not released as unavailable but as I check in their booking system, all 8 seats
    of the first class are unsold and free to sell.

    I contacted their contact center and they copy paste me one answer, that I must do this update
    using their system, after login in, which do not reply my question if these seats are going to be released or not.

    Do you have any idea for this behavior ?

    One of my thoughts is that since they cut on everything, maybe they want to push me to ask for an airport upgrade request, offering only the hard product and not the soft, since they will not have the time to prepare this soft product.
    Or simply they decided not to offer any more such upgrades .

    However we must know what the reality is. As a frequent flyer using your miles for upgrades , you understand very well how I feel now with them