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Qatar Vs. Singapore Vs. Cathay

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Mikewarren1000, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Mikewarren1000

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    Business class to Bangladesh in late Fall (assuming things are okay to go)... Going to a friends wedding. Looking at J only cant afford F.. Have no miles left from other planned trips i have recently taken or have upcoming.

    I cant believe that Qatar, Sin and Cx are less (considerably) than say AA or DL. United is 2 x more than DL or AA. But thats fine i think Polaris i overrated. Was hoping to try ANA the Room but its 10K in J, thats insane..

    Anyways i'm comfortable with the costs for the 3 airlines i mentioned.

    I would really be curious to hear any opinions. I've never flown a Middle Eastern airline. I know the Asian airlines have great service but it seems like Qatar would too. Regardless of going through Doha, Sin or HK there is ample lay over time, like between 6 to 8 hours. So thats good, all 3 airports are nice.

    What I've been able to put together in my analysis is this:

    Qatar- Q Suite means ultra privacy. Only downside i see is it looks like the thinnest seat bottom i have ever seen but maybe its just how ti appears in the pics. Afternoon flight out of Lax. Lounge access either Flagship or One World Business. Flagship with out being able to get to FFD really is nothing to me so probably just would use OW J lounge. Doha lounge looks really nice and there is a health club and pool in the terminal which would be cool. Food looks quite nice on Qatar. A350-1000 be cool to fly, never done that before.

    Singapore- By far the widest seat of the 3, never heard of bad service on a SQ flight. Lounge at Lax could do Polaris for sit down meal but if its anything like my sit down meal at Polaris SFO, which was horrible & a joke, i probably wouldnt even go. Star Alliance J lounge is rated better than the One world one by most. Never been. Only been to the Sky Team which isnt too nice. Changi on the connection would be awesome but from what I can tell the weakest lounge by far of the 3 lounge options. Also, read a few reviews of the bed on the A350-900 ULR being a bit hard and not easy to set up.

    Cathay- if it was in F i would be way more into it. It seems like the J on the 77W isnt regarded too well. Food seems not to be on par with the other 2 options. Lounge at lax would be same options as Qatar. HK lounges would win and win big i think in comparing to Doha and certainly to Changhi. But unlike the other 2 options where J would be the most premium cabin here it wouldnt be. I like the privacy of Reverse Herringbone seats but they look small in width, not as big as the similar seat on AA J 77W. Food seems hit and miss on Cathay J.

    I feel like I'm leaning towards Qatar or SQ but would love to get some opinions. The price is certainly right for all 3. 2K less than AA or DL. I thought Qatar Q suites especially would be a lot more.

    Also, is arriving in Lax on one of the airlines better or worse for immigration, customs, getting out of lax, just in case thats something else to consider.

    Thank you
  2. Clem

    Clem Active Member

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    Hi @Mikewarren1000 ,

    I would agree with you: I would go with either Qatar or SQ . Granted I haven't flown CX J in probably 6 years so I may have an outdated perspective on it, but I feel like it's the least competitive.

    In terms of seat, I think the QSuite seat is more comfortable. A lot of people don't like the angle at which you have to sleep in the SQ seat, and of course there is a lot more privacy in QSuite - particularly if you can get a window seat. The A350-1000 is also a great, great aircraft, probably my new favorite. Extremely quiet and smooth.

    Service wise, SQ is probably a lot more consistent than Qatar, so as you said you know almost with 100% certainty it will be great - and expectable. With Qatar I've never had issues, but it is definitely a lot more variable.

    Lounge wise, in Doha you can access the First Class lounge with a reasonable extra fee, which is somehow worth it - I've never seen anything like it. The space is absolutely ridiculous, huge and empty. You could probably score a private bedroom as well, since 6-8 hours is a long layover. But if you don't want to sleep or sit, Changi has probably more fun stuff to do than Doha.

    So in the end I don't feel like I'm helping you making a choice, because I probably wouldn't know what to do either! Both are really great, and I think in the end, to me it would come down to schedule and price. Another factor is - have you flown SQ J before? If you did, then go with Qatar to try something new.
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