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Destinations / Itineraries QR 8156 and a CX MIA HKG

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Rob in Miami, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Rob in Miami

    Rob in Miami Active Member

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    #1: I was just sitting on my balcony any saw a Qatar 777 on my FlightRadar24 App- landing at MIA from LUX. I am assuming this is a cargo like the Asian 747s we have from Korean and AirChina?
    I checked QR 8156 on internet and Flight Aware shows it taking off in LUX and arriving in MIA on Wednesdays. Just wish it was a passenger flight. Would be a great flight, if for passengers.

    #2: My friend said he was with Cathay Pacific people in Hong Kong and they were happy to talk about a new 2018 CX flight from MIA to HKG. I am guessing (if true) a MIA - Vancouver- to HKG?

    Anyone know more?
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Yep! That's a cargo flight. Looks like it runs Quito to Miami to Luxembourg.

    From Wikipedia:

    Well MIA to HKG clocks in at 8,990 miles, which would make it the third longest flight in the world, just shy of Qantas new Perth to Europe flight.

    I think given American's strength in Caribbean, Central and south america out of Miami, there could be a lot feeder traffic to make the flight viable. But, seemingly every Cathay flight is ultra long-haul, and I wonder how many Boeing 787s and/or Airbus 350s they have on order, and if they could make the flight work.

    All guesses at this point. Would be cool to see!
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  3. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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    I have mixed feelings about MIA-HKG via YVR. On one hand, there aren't any direct MIA-YVR flights so it could be a decent one stop option for Caribbean/South America- Vancouver. On the other hand, Caribbean/SA to HKG via MIA and YVR would be 2 stops - really not much different than what is already available. There's no definite advantage to MIA-YVR-HKG either - AA has plenty of flights from MIA to other cities that have service to HKG.

    I think a direct MIA-HKG flight would be better - Cathay's A359s should be able to handle the non-stop.
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  4. Rob in Miami

    Rob in Miami Active Member

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    Wow. Did not know they could actually make it non-stop. That is much better for us. The Cathay FAs were talking about how excited they were with the idea of a new layover in Miami. So, fingers are crossed.