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Question 47

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Keya, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Keya

    Keya Reader

    Hi Ben

    I'm going to the States after almost 10 years next month so I have a few quick questions. Would be grateful to get your opinions :

    A. Out of these 4 hotels which 2 would you recommend for NYC. Comparison basis or rather the most important parameters would be : 1. Closeness to shopping high streets 2. Closeness to entertainment/touristy spots 3. High service quality and hotel experience.

    Hotels are : 1. W Hotel Times Square 2. Westin Grand Central 3. Grand Hyatt 4. Hyatt Times Square

    B. Being based in Dubai I'm a very loyal and hardcore Emirates fan. I usually stay at SPG properties now so that I earn both starpoints and skywards miles for the same stay. My question is that if I choose Hyatt properties do I get just Skywards miles, if I choose the option of earning 500 miles per stay, or would I ALSO get Hyatt gold passport points in addition to the miles.

    C. For a person who does not have global entry or anything of that sorts and is travelling to the US after so long, from the Plane to Kerb side how long would it usually take ? Plz keep in mind I'm travelling from the Middle East and will probably spend longer at immigration and customs I'm guessing :p

    I know you're a very busy blogging guru but would be great to get an answer to all three questions.

    Thanks as always :)
  2. Lucky

    Lucky One Mile At A Time

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    @ Keya -- The locations are all very similar, so can't say I prefer the location of one over the other when it comes to shopping/entertainment. That being said, in terms of quality I'd probably do Hyatt Times Square > W Times Square > Grand Hyatt > Westin Grand Central.

    When you earn miles with Hyatt that's in lieu of points.

    Immigration lines at JFK are highly variable, but in general I'd count on an hour or so to clear immigration.