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Question 48

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Adit, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Adit

    Adit Reader

    Hey all,

    When we call customer service numbers, almost always you get a recorded message informing us that the conversation may be recorded or monitored. But given the terrible telephone customer service a number of people have been complaining of lately (and for some reason every second complaint seems to be about United), I wonder if we can turn the tables around.

    You cannot record a conversation without the other party knowing, but what if when the agent came on, we also repeated the message line for line and let them know that this call is being recorded.
    I wonder if the quality of the call and helpfulness of the agent would jump up. Granted the agent could say no to recording the call, in which case you cannot continue to record. But you can point out the irony, and then hang up and call back with a different agent.

    I only did this once myself- a decade ago- when AA was not crediting me for some miles on Cathay Pacific after telling me that they would. I got (with permission) the conversation recorded and then there was no he said- she said; it was he said and he corroborated what they really said.

    Any thoughts?