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Question 561

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Fernando D`Aquino, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Help Lucky!

    I have tried my best to search all over the web and even asked Air France twice, and got different answers, so here lies my doubt. I am flying GRU-CDG february 23rd on the AF 459 flight. I cant tell if it will feature the new business class.

    Seat Map is still the old one. So I could be sure if should be the old one, right? Wrong. I just checked the flight 3 weeks prior do mine and out of nowhere they changed the seatmap to the new one.

    Facebook team said it would feature the new business class and even congratulated me. Twitter team said it wouldnt. I`m hoping facebook team gave it a deep asking/search and twitter just looked the seatmap and had the easier answer.
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    @ Fernando D`Aquino -- If it shows the old seatmap as of now then that's what it's scheduled to be, though they have been flying the reconfigured 777 to Brazil, so it could be that the seatmap is still updated closer to departure. I'd count on flying the old product, and be pleasantly surprised if it's the new product.