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Question 84

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Angie, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Angie

    Angie Reader

    Hi Lucky,

    Appreciate your blog. I've done domestic rewards but now trying international and getting a bit overwhelmed with the idea of multi-city vs. one-ways, stopovers, and business class etc. Is there anything below that jumps out at you as "Whoa, you could/should be doing a lot better than that!"? Unfortunately it's an odd combination of locations and only ~4 months out so I know that limits my options. Open to doing an award booking service but hoping to use this as practice on my own since it's just 1 traveler and somewhat flexible on dates in May.

    SEA-NRT or HND for a few days/week; NRT/HND or Osaka-FRA or Nuremburg for a few days; back to Seattle. Business would be ideal, but I know I'm tight on points and have no elite status.
    Delta ~75k
    Alaska ~35k
    US Airways ~45k
    American ~115k
    Hawaiian ~40k
    Chase UR ~220k (hopefully using ~100k points only to retain some for upcoming hotel stays)
    AmEx Membership Rewards ~15k

    As of this morning I saw these award options -
    • SEA-NRT business for 70k Delta via AS & DL with quick PDX layover
    • NRT or Osaka-FRA or Nuremburg business for 75k Chase UR/United via Lufthansa or Turkish
    • FRA-SEA business/first for 62.5k American via VA & AS (or 50k business only)

    Hoping you can let me know if something here screams that I need to rethink my redemptions and/or get a booking service to snag a much better itinerary. Thanks for your time!!
  2. Lucky

    Lucky One Mile At A Time

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    @ Angie -- Looks pretty good to me, though puzzled by the last part. American doesn't partner with Virgin Atlantic.

    Only other thing I'd consider is maybe picking up some more Alaska miles and instead flying SEA-LAX-HKG-NRT in Cathay Pacific first class, for example. It would be a longer way to go, but also more fun. Otherwise I'd consider transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards to Singapore and booking Singapore Suites LAX-NRT. But other than that looks great!