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Great Fares / Hot Deals Question on MR (mileage runs) being based in HK.

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Stuart, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Stuart

    Stuart Reader

    Question on MR(mileage runs), being based in HK i have limited options BUT can you explain why when looking at options, (after reading about your Male – NY via HK and the price you paid, if i were to fly direct from HK-NY and return within 24hrs it would cost me us$13k BUT if i originated my trip from say TPE and connected in HK, it would cost me us$4k, but regarding this routing, if i were to drop the last leg of the retun trip, ie: the HK-TPE would they refuse to credit my acct with the miles that i have already flown, i wasn’t able to read abt any restrictionson the ticket – just curious and thanks in advance
  2. Lucky

    Lucky One Mile At A Time

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    @ stuart — Airline pricing does indeed greatly vary based on which market you originate in, as I’ve explained in this post:

    Throwaway ticketing (whereby you skip the last segment of an itinerary) technically violates the rules, but if you do it in moderation it shouldn’t be an issue. Just remember if you’re checking bags they’ll have to go to your final destination.