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Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by SKF, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. SKF

    SKF Reader


    I was wondering if you could maybe write something, in addition to what you have before, about the current situation with airline refunds.

    Currently, Virgin Atlantic is not flying any PAX, as we all know. Today they just released the schedule for resuming some city pairs. In my case, BOS-LHR, according to Virgin's own schedule, no flights to BOS until Sept 1, means my flight on 22 July is not going to happen. Yet, when I call Delta, who I bought the tickets from, they say the flight is not cancelled. So, Virgin will not resume flights until 1 Sept, yet they say 22 July is still not officially cancelled. Does the fact that they have issued a new start date constitute a cancellation by default? The excuse that it is not cancelled seem null, if the schedule does not start until 1 Sept. Is DOT complaint an option here?

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  2. Gia

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    I might just keep calling back perhaps every few days. Maybe they just need to update the system. My SIL was in a similar situation for June travel to LHR on VA that was cancelled and she got a refund.