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Same-day confirmed change on award ticket with UA?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by kw2652, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. kw2652

    kw2652 New Member

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    I just booked a business-class award ticket for next spring using United miles on United flights. I had the choice between mixed-class with SFO-ORD (coach) and ORD-BRU (business) or all-business with an earlier flight from SFO-ORD and a long layover in Chicago. I chose the long layover in all business.

    My question is whether I might be able to do a same-day confirmed change to a later SFO-ORD flight in business class (United first). Currently my flight departs SFO at 7:00am on a Tuesday. I would prefer the 8:30am or 10:40am flight.

    Would I be able to pay the $75 fee for a confirmed change as long as there were still first class tickets for sale 24 hours before the desired flight time? Or would my award ticket be ineligible because United would need to accommodate all elite status upgrades first (and SFO is jam-packed with elites)?

    Basically, I'm wondering if there's any hope that such a change might be possible or if I should just resign myself to the choice between 7:00am in first class or 10:40am in coach. Thanks so much!