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Scoot and Singapore Airlines

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Varun, May 14, 2019.

  1. Varun

    Varun Reader

    Hi there!

    I just realized that the integration of Scoot and SQ is not very good. I booked a round trip ticket from TRV to SFO on the Singapore airlines website about a week ago and just realized that my baggage allowance for the trip is just 20 KG. I am flying Premium Economy on the SQ segment from SIN - SFO/SFO - SIN and economy on the Scoot segment from TRV - SIN/SIN - TRV. The TRV to SIN segment used to be operated by SilkAir up until a couple weeks back where the baggage allowance was 2pcs at 23KG each ( I flew this flight 3 weeks ago). I was expecting the same to apply since the major portion of my flight is with Singapore Airlines.

    I contacted Singapore Customer Support and they told me that the baggage allowance of the first flight is the baggage allowance of all segments. Hence the 20KG weight limit. There's nothing they can do at their end to increase the weight restrictions.

    I then contacted Scoot Customer Support to enquire about additional baggage but they said they can only add baggage for the TRV - SIN and SIN - TRV segments. And that won't reflect on the SQ operated flights. I've contacted SQ customer support again to ask if I increase the weight limit on the Scoot flight, will they honor the increased weight restrictions or do I have to pay additional for the SQ segments from SIN - SFO and SFO - SIN as well. The agent wasn't sure and said she'll call me back later. I just didn't want to have trouble at the airport counter and ending up paying extra luggage fees there. When making the reservation, it shows that the 2pcs(23kg each) policy applies but I just realized that there is an asterix there which says that Scoot is a partner airlines and their baggage policy applies if the itinerary includes a Scoot flight.

    I can't even manage the booking online to select seats, do an online checkin or even add additional baggage.

    A lot of flights to India from Singapore via SQ are being changed from Silk Air to Scoot. I imagine that many people are going to start facing this issue when flying with them if the flight is operated by Scoot. I just thought I'd share that. It's unfortunate that the luggage restrictions are kicking in. Makes it easier to just fly Emirates now for me.
  2. Gaurav

    Gaurav Well-Known Member

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    That sounds frustrating. If possible you could check your luggage only to SIN and then recheck it with SQ. That way you should get your full luggage allowance to SFO. And on the return trip, check your luggage all the way through to TRV. That way you should not have to pay extra for the Scoot leg.