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Reader Reviews: Trips & Tips Share your miles & points triumphs!

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Tiffany, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. MaxWilson10

    MaxWilson10 New Member

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    One easy way I found to get miles was using Norwegian Reward. One of there partners is Surveys for Cashpoints, where you answer some questions to get "cashpoints", which is the frequent flyer scheme. It gives you 500NOK worth to begin with (around 5 euros). I managed to make multiple accounts and my miles started to build up and I just saved around £90 of my flights, for a few hours of work!
  2. Taroman

    Taroman New Member

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    Holy moly, how did the world change...!! My wife and I went on to a quick round-the-world trip in February, just missing this whole craziness of COVID.

    Award itinerary booked:
    ORD-CDG (J, when there was a 50% promo awards and 25% MR transfer bonus so worked out to be like 22k + taxes)
    CDG-AUH-SYD-AKL (Etihad apartment, Etihad F, Qantas J, booked as single itinerary using 110k AA miles)
    AKL-LAX (AA Y booked during the crazy 6k OW promo award)

    Truth be told, we booked the AKL-LAX leg first. Would've booked RT, but the date didn't work out. Then a few days later, Air France came out with a really fantastic promo award in J - combined with the transfer bonus, this was absolutely a no brainer. The trickiest part was figuring out how we are getting from Paris to Auckland but it all worked out in the end! Also, as a bonus, taxes were also offset by Arrival+ and Altitude Reserve points so no real out-of-pocket expense for the flights!

    Etihad apartment was one of my "to do's" - very happy we got to do this when we could. We also stopped at Puerto Rico once we made it back to the stateside. Best date week ever :D
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  3. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    @Taroman I think you'll be reminiscing on that trip for quite a while :)
  4. Taroman

    Taroman New Member

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    @rickyw - you bet ;) can't tell you how many times we've already looked through the trip photos since we've been back. My favorite memory was when my wife entered her apartment, she turned around in confusion that I wasn't following because of the sheer size of the seat lol
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