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Credit Cards (Small) Alaska Airlines discount on Chase Mobile App

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by destruya, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. destruya

    destruya New Member

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    I just noticed on the Chase Online app that there's a "10% off" (up to $30) off $50 or more when making a booking on Alaska with my Chase Sapphire (yeah, I'm such an ~OG~ I've got the original one they don't offer anymore) card. I know it's not a lot, and Chase's offers tend to be a lot more lackluster than AMEX's.

    The 'rub' is deepened by the fact that the offer is good for one time only and excludes third-party purchases (naturally) as well as Horizon bookings, Lounge passes and charges associated with Lounges, any purchase that includes the use of Mileage Plan points (really crappy, IMO), gift card purchases, and lastly, in-flight purchases. Yay for $30 off a full-price flight, then? *toot*

    I would have taken a screenshot, but the app policy won't let you do that. The offer seems to have just went live and expires 4/12/19.

    Here's tine print without editorializing: "Offer not valid on third-party purchases. Offer not valid on Horizon Airline purchases. Offer not valid on Alaska Lounge airport lounge purchases, purchases made with Mileage Plan points, gift card purchases, or in-flight purchases."

    Anyone want to see if it's valid on $300 (or $30 off the 12k+8k @ $550) worth of miles during the promo? vOv
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