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SPG (now marriott status)

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by AJ Robin, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. AJ Robin

    AJ Robin Reader

    I am a bit confused. Everyone knows that it is 100x easier to achieve SPG platinum status (25 stays-aka "nights") than it is Marriott Platinum (50 nights). Despite the merger, I recall reading that I could still achieve SPG platinum for all of 2019 if I completed the 25 nights before the end of 2018. Did I make that up? Or maybe it was obtain the 25 nights before the merger in august?

    Special Note: I have the SPG amex (biz) & SPG amex (personal) credit card, so I have those additional nights that come from having the credit cards and now have combined my SPG and marriott accounts.

    Now I am looking at my "total nights" in my new marriott account and wondering, did I mess up my chances of obtaining platinum bc now it is calculating my nights out of 50 (instead of 25 stays)?

    Here is my question... can you provide some clarity on obtaining status now? Do I need to get to 50 nights before the end of 2018 now?
  2. tconway02

    tconway02 Member

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    Hi AJ,

    SPG Platinum, before the merger of the programs, was at 50 Nights (Marriott Platinum was 75 nights). As a result, after the merger you may have received Gold for 25 nights. Regarding stays, I am unsure, perhaps you need to send Marriott an Email/tweet.

    If you want to achieve Platinum, the easy way, you will need 50 nights by the end of this year.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. AJR

    AJR New Member

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    Thank you for your help but I don't know if it answers my question. Let me give an example to assist...

    You are (partially) correct when you said SPG platinum requires 50 nights but you can also achieve it with 25 stays. Thus, if you don't mind bouncing from hotel to hotel, you can achieve platinum in 25 nights. Example, you can stay at SPG hotel A on Monday, stay across the street at SPG hotel B on Tuesday, & stay at hotel SPG A again on Wed = 3 stays If you can do that 21 more times, you're be platinum.

    I had calculated that I could get 25 stays by the end of the year and I THOUGHT it was confirmed in a blog post that I read. However, I consolidated my SPG and marriott accounts and now I am looking at my nights (since we're under the new marriott system) and instead of 3 stays, it's showing 3 nights out of 50 = much further away. It now has me thinking, I should not have combined them. So I am looking for confirmation that I messed up and possible a way to rectify the situation.
  4. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Confirmation - you probably messed up :)

    Sorry. I could be wrong, but my assumption is that we all probably inadvertently agreed to some terms and conditions when merging accounts that said it was irreversible.

    Given the IT issues surrounding the merger anyways, I'd be shocked if there was a straightforward way.

    If you've been Platinum for a long time, you could potentially just earn it the old way through stays, and then request the status, claiming it was never clear. I would think customer service would look closely at that if you've been a longtime, loyal guest...
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  5. AJR

    AJR New Member

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    @rickyw I appreciate the honesty. I should've thought a few steps ahead but I like simplicity and thought "ok, let's just combine them so I don't have multiple accounts, blah blah blah.." and now I'm regretting that decision. oh well. thanks.