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Hotels St Regis Aspen -- Cancellation Policy Defeated!

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by EH289, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. EH289

    EH289 Reader

    I'm excited to report that I recently won a credit card dispute with one of the most notorious hotels out there for crappy cancellation policies, the St. Regis Aspen.

    To make a long story short:
    1. I booked a 2-night stay in September 2019 using points.
    2. They had a 30-day cancellation policy in effect and I booked inside of the 30-day window, around mid-August.
    3. I subsequently cancelled the stay and shifted to another Marriott property closer to Denver; my points were immediately refunded.
    4. I was charged $2,000 by the St. Regis roughly 24 hours after my subsequently cancelled reservation was supposed to start.
    5. I immediately called Marriott who agreed to contact the hotel and "open up a ticket". I ended up going through this roughly three times with Marriott, each time opening up a new ticket and not having anything come of it.
    6. A few days after the $2k charge hit I opened up a dispute with Citi (I paid with my Citi Prestige card).
    7. As part of the dispute process, the only evidence of their cancellation policy the hotel submitted to Citi was a post-booking email that was sent from the concierge to me -- only, they misspelled my email address and I never got the email.
    8. The dispute was originally decided in favor of the St. Regis, but I responded pointing out the above fact and the dispute was reopened in mid-November. The hotel did not submit anything additional to Citi and the dispute was closed in my favor on 12/31.
    That the hotel's sole proof of providing me the cancellation policy came in the form of an email sent to the wrong email address was certainly a helpful fact that will be the exception rather than the rule. Nevertheless, a useful data point for the many others that find themselves in a similar situation with this hotel or others like it. It is particularly interesting to me what they submitted as proof of their cancellation policy -- nothing from their own systems, only a simple email.
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