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Destinations / Itineraries TPA-PBH via BKK

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Drukyulgoods, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Drukyulgoods

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    Sir, I’m home based in the TPA area. What’s the optimum way points wise to transit to from TPA to PBH via BKK? Where do I need to concentrate?

    Been going to PBH annually for 19 years. Additionally, I’ve been following you every day for 3.5 years. Being in TPA, I’m obviously I’m a bit invested in Sky pesos but am not elite. I’m an old NW legacy elite who got screwed in the merger/buyout & used to do NW trips for many years from TPA-DRT-NRT-BKK & TPA-MSP-NRT-BKK.

    I’ve tried United from TPA-DCA-NRT-BKK (meh & it cost me a ton of points & $). I also did a AA-TPA-DFW-GTW-AI-LGH DEL-PBH which was horrible.

    Specular was JB-TPA-CX-JFK-HKG-BKK in 1st using a combination of mile plans, Chase, & SPG. (THANKS! - Cathay 1st, is THE best bed in the sky)

    Multiple times DL-TPA-ATL-KE-ATL-ICN-BKK or DL-TPA-JFK-KE-ICN-BKK 1st and/or business which was okay on the 380’s & even to a minor degree, last year on 777 from DL-TPA-ATL-KE-ICN-BKK. (I found little soft difference between (Business & 1st on the 777’s other than the excellent attendant attention)

    American has a minor presence in TPA these days. Should I look to enhance to do a TPA-ORD-JAL-NRT-BKK or TPA-DFW-NRT-BKK?

    TPA-PBH return is the annual trip that recharges my soul. Other than that, I’m unfortunately a DL slug who only travels when the Internet goes down.

    Thanks for your sage advice and please keep on inspiring us!

    Respectfully Submitted,