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United Airlines refund contradiction

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Deborah Mulholland, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Deborah Mulholland

    Deborah Mulholland New Member

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    Hi Lucky - sorry if i have done this multiple times, not sure if the question uploaded correctly.

    I have been running around in circles with United Airlines and their refund policy or should I say lack of! United's ever changing refund policy is well-documented. I purchased two return flight tickets in July 28 2019 from Dublin to Dulles travelling on 9-13 April 2020. Covid pandemic changed this. I read their guidelines and felt secure in United offering a refund if after one year since purchase I would be refunded. So much so, I had a travel insurance policy in operation which I duly cancelled as United had promised a refund in light of the pandemic. So confident in this (i screen dumped a copy of United's policy to my PC) and requested the refund. I was forced of course to accept their initial waiver in light of no other options at that time; I completed United's on-line refund form only to be told as my purchased ticket was non-refundable and a waiver is all I was going to be offered, despite undertakings from United via their public-declared policy that I would have to wait 12 months from purchase to ask for a refund. Once the refund was refused, I could not ask them again or query their decision, having supplied them with all the initial evidence- date of purchase; a copy of their own policy and flight details; I also purchased directly with United. I rang them direct and the poor helpful lady just commiserated, referred us to someone else who said no refund as the Refunds Dept said NO. I pointed out that in the Media United have stated publicly they will refund after 12 months since purchase the date to be fair to their customers who could not use the waiver; which we cannot. What United are saying publicly contradicts actions in practice by refusing to refund. United have made it incredibly difficult to contact them once you try to query their decision; you are not allowed to apply for a refund request again, they consider the matter closed, despite my evidence in the initial refund request - its almost Computer Says No! United have said publicly they will review on a case by case basis but I have no means for correspondence only a formal complaint. There is a no reply feature in existence so you cannot query or further progress. It is poor customer service at its best, plus a U turn on what United said they would offer. Any guidance you can provide would be helpful to enable me to get a refund.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi Deborah, sorry for your troubles! You may want to look into contacting someone from here:

    Our recommendation is to frame your request/concern around the facts and try to take emotion out of it for the best possible result. Good luck!!