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United Business 737 CUN to IAH then 787 to FRA

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Michael saunders, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. Michael saunders

    Michael saunders New Member

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    I would like to share my experience of my travels, as an 30 year veteran of business and first class travel due to my job, this was the first time i had flown in along tome due to C!( and what a difference some good some bad. Well last Friday i flew Cun to IAH then a 7 hour layover IAH to FRA all on United.

    Well the usual upgrades were up to their old tricks of asking people to swap seats. One thing i noticed me and two other passengers were not asked by the ground staff and the answer we paid full fare plus i dont like window seats unless there single. well after that we boarded and i noticed row 1 ef and were free , i was in 1B and i asked the Stewardess why they were free, her answer thats for the crew as two crew can not sit together any more c19, even though they spent most of the flight next to each other talking they cant sit together for the 10 mins of takeoff and landing on a 2 hour flight. the meal service of a box with chips and crackers, terrible, i asked what do you get on a international long haul the crew informed me two boxes and feel sorry for the people in the back got nothing c19. Anyway they did not have a clue, which you think airlines would tell there staff what products they are selling to get customers.
    The aircraft was showing its age. The service was terrible as the crew just talked the whole flight.
    Arrived in IAH and WOW i mean WOW customs was a breeze my bag had already been checked through to Germany did not have to collect went straight through to the departures to the only lounge open UA club, no food just chips , terrible, thank god for whiskey and gin, got to meet Jack Daniels and Jim Beam had a great time.
    Went on board to Frankfurt but please note go to the gate desk and show them you can fly, these poor agents had to check everyone's passport and the reason they are flying and can they enter the country they are going as the rules of all countries are changing, once on board GREAT, what a Great Business class 11 A single seat, the seat was roomy, the controls everything was great, storage for everything, iIhad to check was this United. They have really made an effort and got a seat at the big boys table. What a product, the service great, the crew all introduced themselves and served a really nice meal. I felt this was one of my best flights in 30 years.
    I will fly UA again yes i really mean that.
    I slept like a baby