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United I class upgrade

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by STEVE PETERSON, Feb 25, 2020.



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    I purchased, with miles--180,000, a business round trip to Africa with the last leg from IAD to DEN economy with an I class upgrade. The plane was a 737-800 so only 16 first class seats. At the 24 hour mark I looked to see if I was on the upgrade list. I was not listed. I called United and they said that I was on a separate upgrade list for I class upgrades. I was in the lounge talking with the United service staff 30 minutes before boarding and they said Hmmmm and called their special help number and then shortly after I was #2 on the upgrade list. By then all seats were filled.
    Question.... Did I not get my upgrade because I was not on the list at the 24 hour mark? Is there a seperate list for my situation as an I class upgrade request? I have no real premier status just XN as I work the points thing mostly.
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Hi Steve, if you have no premier status, you would have been very low on the upgrade list. So, it's very likely that those with higher status than you had already cleared, and when all said and done, you ended up at #2

    Flying IAD to DEN is hub-to-hub for United, so I have to imagine that's a very difficult route to clear an upgrade on a 737 with no premier status.