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United tonight

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Mikewarren1000, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Mikewarren1000

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    Okay so 35 minutes delayed to Board due to cleaning, so they said. However the plane was in 90 minutes before, from Barcelona. Then i get to my seat and there is trash all along the side by the window and crumbs on the ground and on the seat. Total joke. What is up with these cleaning ppl on planes. This happens way too much. How hard is it to clean some trash and vacuum?

    Also, it was the slowest dinner service i have ever had. And this was 3 courses not 5 or 6.
    2 hours and 50 min That is an absolute joke. From warm nuts to having my sundae & cheese plate taken (i use the words cheese plate quite loosely of course). ONE FA was working the entire first 6 rows on both sides of the plane. I dont get it. And they werent under staffed. It was just ridiculous.

    Btw on a side note there is no doubt now that the AA hard product is better. Being a Continental fan and coming over to United with them i always tend to love them more for soft product but the AA reverse herringbone seat- either the BE or the good Zodiac one is so much better than the Polaris seat. I guess its the whole Reverse herringbone vs staggered thread i know i already asked about and it was clearly explained that there is more room to be had with RH. I didnt realize how narrow the Polaris seat is. I fly it only coming back from NY so its the end of my trip and i eat dinner and go to bed but tonight with this long dinner service and just sitting in the seat more than i typically do its really narrow and annoying honestly. I hope when i try Delta Suites, finally get to try them in April, wont be so narrow. Being its forward facing and not the weird staggering arrangement of Polaris i feel like it wont be. I flew Jet Blue outbound on this trip and the space you have in the single suite really is great. The seat feels a little wider than Polaris but the whole space around you feels so roomier. I think i may fly them more and i guess who cares if i cant get into a lounge before the flight. I will say though i had a tough time with the seat when in sitting position. It was good as a bed but i couldnt get comfy sitting up. It didnt go backwards and give me some recline how i am used to. The FA said they are getting new seats very soon..

    Anyways i think i went on a tangent but hands down now i am sold on the AA hard product as by far the best for the Transcon options........And back to original thought- 2 hours and 50 min is a total joke to wait for dinner to end