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UPDATE: Earning AA miles with airberlin flights

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by BWall, Aug 23, 2017.

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    I have a trip on airberlin next week that I'm crediting to AAdvantage to earn enough EQMs to push me over the 100k mark. I wrote to AAdvantage Customer Service to ask whether, given the ever-worsening news about airberlin (nonrefundable refundable tickets, Topbonus loyalty program suspended, AA redemptions pulled, etc), I had anything to worry about.

    Here was the substance of my question:
    When I fly airberlin next week, will I still be able to receive AA miles and EQMs, given that I reported my AAdvantage number to airberlin at time of booking?

    AA responded in about 24 hours with what seemed like a somewhat generic message. Nevertheless, I think it's a very good sign for those of us AA loyalists with upcoming AB travel.
    According to our records, members may earn AAdvantage miles when traveling on AirBerlin in an eligible booking class and eligible route.

    When you make reservations for travel on Airberlin or any other carriers that participate in the AAdvantage program, please be sure to check whether or not the fare class you are booking is eligible for mileage credit and at what rate miles are earned. Up-to-date information on eligible fare classes and other mileage accrual guidelines is available at for your convenience.

    After a quick check on the airberlin page on, it looks like all is well--earnings haven't been slashed, and the chart for any travel after August 2016 remains in place. For now, I think we're relatively safe.