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Award Redemption Virgin Atlantic Hides ANA Award Chart

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jamie S, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Jamie S

    Jamie S Reader

    Not sure if this is actually a devaluation or if this is just Virgin Atlantic become more like their sister Delta and telling customers that awards cost what we tell you they cost, but sometime between September 8th (when the page was last archived) and now, Virgin Atlantic has gone from showing a full distance based chart for travel on ANA to now saying the following:

    Round trip redemptions on International flights from:

    15,000 miles in Economy
    30,000 miles in Business Class
    40,000 miles in First Class

    Destinations include: Japan, USA, Hawaii, Germany, France, China, India and Guam

    Please check with the agent at the time of making your reservation for the exact mileage required for your chosen journey.​

    Link to archived version of page with old chart -

    This would be a disappointing development if actually a devaluation as I have been saving up for a round trip first class award IAD-NRT for 120,000 miles and a very reasonable fuel surcharge. Really was (maybe still is) a gem on the Virgin Atlantic award chart.

    Any insights or thoughts Ben?