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W Fort Lauderdale won't do upgrades

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by CDN jay, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. CDN jay

    CDN jay Reader

    I got the email below from the W Fort Lauderdale. It seems they won't give upgrades to titanium members. Have you ever seen this or is this just another case of a hotel working the system

    "Hello Jay,

    I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your email. I have updated your arrival time. We will do the best we can to accommodate your early check in. In case your room is not ready, we will store your luggage, provide you a pool key and give you call once it’s ready. In regard of the suite upgrade, We only have our Residential Rooms available which are currently owned and require a certain amount of revenue in order to be upgraded to these units. Per your Elite status, we can offer you a discounted rate should you want to be upgraded to our Residential tower. "
  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    Are there other suites available at the hotel?
  3. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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    As a titanium member you're entitled to upgrades including select suites. It depends on how the hotel categorizes suites and I highly doubt they categorize residential suites as available for elite upgrades.

    Their base level suite seems to be the Fantastic Suite. If there are any available for sale over the dates of your stay, you could be upgraded into those rooms.

    I'd only question the upgrade issue if the Fantastic Suite was available and they denied an upgrade.
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