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Weighing Credit Cards

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Cbones869, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Cbones869

    Cbones869 Reader

    I currently have the Citi Platinum select with American Airlines but am looking for a change. I'm evaluating many options including the Citi Executive world elite card with American Airlines and the Platinum Card with American Express. I have been pre-qualified for American Express' 100,000 rewards point program after $5K in 3 months as well.

    I'm not too familiar with how the points transfer from American Express works but I did note you pay 0.0006 per mile (capped at $99).

    Any insight into what would be a good card for me? Things i'm looking for are lounge access, status which the Platinum card has the most it appears, and mileage rewards. I only fly American but can't seem to reach Platinum status for frequent flyer, I wonder if the extra 10K EQMs with the executive world elite are too good to pass up.

  2. rickyw

    rickyw Well-Known Member

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    The Amex Platinum is great to diversify your options a bit. You would get access to lounges like Delta SkyClub, PriorityPass and Amex Centurion lounges. You'd also get your status with some hotel chains, if that matters. The 100k points offer is excellent, that's easily the most attractive you'll ever see.

    Where you'll be limited by the Amex is if you are looking for a credit card specifically for benefits with American. There are Amex lounges in some major American airports - Dallas, Miami, Philly... for instance. Those could benefit you if you fly through there frequently, but otherwise Amex won't help you specifically on your airline of your choice

    This article may help...
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  3. MidSouth Skier

    MidSouth Skier Well-Known Member

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    And just to be clear, you can't transfer Amex Membership Rewards points to American. So those would be points you'd use for flying another airline.
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  4. OCTinPHL

    OCTinPHL Active Member

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    Though you could use those points to purchase AA tickets through the Amex portal. Not a great use of MR points (value-wise), but you would then get AA EDQs and EQMs for that flight. I've done it at times when the cash price was ridiculous and I had MR points to burn.
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