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Credit Cards What to do with CIti Thank you points

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by GBOAC, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. GBOAC

    GBOAC Member

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    I have over 150K CIti thank you points earned with a Citi Premier card. I now put my travel spend on my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and and so I accumulated no TY points this calendar year. The annual fee will be charged in a month or so, and to avoid paying yet another annual fee, I'm looking for suggestions about how to best transfer/park my points. Moving the points to one or more of their partner airlines seems a possible option but which airline (I'm guessing that would be better than hotel plans).
    I asked about this a year ago but there didn't appear to be any good options at that time.
    I would like to raise the question again with the hope that there is now some good strategy to follow that keeps the points but avoids an annual fee on a card that I am no longer using.
    Last year there was a no fee thank you rewards card to which you could transfer the points but you needed to use the points within 90 days, So that was not an option.
  2. Weymar Osborne

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    If you don't have a particular use in mind I would probably transfer to Avianca LifeMiles since they have pretty good redemption rates all around. Alternatively, since you have 150,000 points, you could split that and put 75,000 miles in two different programs. 75,000 miles could get you a decent redemption in most programs. Maybe LifeMiles and Flying Blue or Asia Miles?