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Industry News / Opinions Which airports are safe(r) from COVID-19 spread?

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Bob Not Bob, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. Bob Not Bob

    Bob Not Bob Reader

    Which airports require staff, vendors, airlines, and passengers to wear face coverings? Perhaps I am naive, and did fly today for the first time since December, but was surprised that CLT and GSP do not. JFK appeared to be 100% wearing masks, but I was on a 6 AM flight, so the airport was very empty. I feel safe in the air but not in the airports.

    If the airlines want us to fly they should leverage their tenancy at the airports to create a safe environment for not just passengers, but also for those who work in the terminals and are more vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19 than those of us who spend an hour or so in the airport. This is especially true in states where the virus is spiking, which includes AA hubs - AZ, TX, FL, and NC.

    Can you ask this question of the airports?

    I did of CLT and have not heard back. GSP said their staff are required to wear masks and they encourage vendors, airlines, and passengers, but from my short time at GSP today, encouragement does not equal compliance.