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Award Redemption Which Canadian credit card to use

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Canadian Platinum, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. I have the TD Visa Infinite card and have 300,000 Aeroplan miles; AMEX Gold card and AMEX Business Platinum with 200,000 reward points between them; I also have the Westjet World Elite Mastercard with 1300 Westjet dollars; and the Alaska World Elite Mastercard with 23,000 mileage points (just redeemed 40,000 for San Diego to Victoria (YYJ).

    I will not be renewing the AMEX Business Platinum because other than access to Priority Pass lounges there really isn't much benefit to the card.

    I use the TD Visa to generate points to Aeroplan (when merchants don't accept AMEX). I will not be renewing the TD Visa.

    My wife and I primarily use points to travel in business cabins using points in the last year to fly to/from Buenos Aires (AC), Narita (JAL using Avios points), London (AC), Zurich (Swiss), Sydney (AC).

    My questions are based on :

    1. Should I continue to use AMEX to generate points for Aeroplan; and/or Etihad and/or BA?

    2. Is it better to accumulate points on the Westjet card or the Alaska card, for use at merchants who don't accept AMEX?