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Window shade issue

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Jack Yoast, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Jack Yoast

    Jack Yoast Reader

    Hi I have a question regarding the perceived right to open or close a window shade. I was on a flight today and I sat in 2F in first Class. A woman who was sitting next to me was either nervous or inquisitive because she was looking across the aisle out of the windows on the left side of the plane because both window shades next to me were down. I noticed her looking at the downed shades so I lifted both shades as a courtesy to her, at which time she stated that she was going to ask me if I minded lifting the shades. It was a 10:05 AM flight so it was not like anyone around us was trying to sleep. The gentleman in front of us in 1F immediately closed the shade that was adjacent to his seat., which we both thought was kind of rude, given the fact he could not see out of the window without turning around and most of the window was actually even or past his seat into our aisle. I did not make a big deal out of this, I didn't say a word or open the shade again, but I was wondering, for future reference, the etiquette regarding a situation like this. If the shade was open, both of us (2D-2F) could see directly out of the window while mister 1F, would have to turn around to look out. Who has the right to that shade? I know this might seem trivial but I was kind of perturbed he immediately shut it without asking me if I minded, when most of the window was behind his seat. I do travel quite often so this might come up in the future and I would like to know the right of way if you will. Thank you for your thoughts
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  3. MarkS

    MarkS Active Member

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    So many years ago I was on a UA 777 flight from SFO to ORD that departed around 10AM. This was when first class on the 777 was 2x2x2. I was in 2A working on my computer. I had my window open as I'm 30,000 foot gazer. Then I got up to go to the restroom and put my laptop on the seat. I also had a cup of coffee on a tray that was between the seats. A woman was seated next to me and when I was gone she reached across my seat to close the shade and promptly knocked my coffee over right on to the computer.

    Needless to say I wasn't pleased, nor were the flight attendants. First class was full so they made her sit in my seat that was wet from the coffee and I took the woman's dry seat. Turns out the computer was fine after drying out for a couple days. Then 2 weeks later in LA one of the flight attendants from that flight saw me and remembered what happened. She asked if my computer had survived.

    I still keep my shade open.
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