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YVR Lounge Access

Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Tar_00, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Tar_00

    Tar_00 Member

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    Hi Lucky - I'm slated to fly on AA from YVR or LAX and being a One World Sapphire via Air Berlin, do you know if I will have access to One World lounges (Cathay, BA) as I am unsure if the terminals are connected as the gates for US departures seem to be different (on the map at least) compared to international departures.

  2. David W

    David W Well-Known Member

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    You should be able to access OW lounges with your AirBerlin status out of LAX and some terminals are connected airside so you dont need to exit and reclear security. Just plan enough time for the walk from lounge to gate which could be quite lengthy. Not sure about options at YVR but if there are OW lounges, you can access them, if theyre in the terminal you are departing out of or if terminals are connected airside.
  3. No Name

    No Name Well-Known Member

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    While @David W is correct in that you theoretically can access the One World lounges due to the your status.

    The problem is as you say the US gates since YVR is like many Canadian airports have a Preclearance facility.

    To access the the BA or Cathay lounge you would have first go true Canadian customs/immigration and after visiting the lounge go back out true Canadian customs/immigration, before going to Concourse E for US Preclearance
    Even passengers on BA flights can not transfer directly, but must clear Canadian customs/immigration

    I strongly doubt this have changed any since the question was asked on FT back in 2008.

    In the Preclearance area there is 2 lounges, the AC Maple Lounge and the Plaza Premium lounge. There is no AA lounge.
    Access rule for the US area Plaza Premium lounge should be similar to the one in the international area that Lucky reviewed back in 2014